Landscape and Environment Stream – Projects, Events etc. for ASH2020

This page contains a list of all projects, events or activities that the Landscape and Environment Stream Team has elected to develop as their part of the ASH2020 Program. The items listed below are normally selected from the Idea Bank, but some may have emerged from discussions/brainstorming among the Landscape and Environment Stream Team, not having featured in the original Idea Bank. To qualify for inclusion in this list, an entry must have been assigned to a ‘Contact’, in effect a project manager who is charged with the development and delivery of the Project, Event etc.

Each of the listed entries, representing a discrete Project, Event or Activity, may be linked to a subsidiary page or set of pages which is designed to provide further information on the Project (etc.). These subsidiary pages may also be used by the Stream Team to manage the project, acting as a source of information, guidelines, schedules, forms, minutes, action lists or whatever can usefully be made available to the members of the project Team. For an example of this, go to History and navigate down to the project ‘The Big History Trail’.

Inclusion in this list does not necessarily mean that the project will be included in the eventual ASH2020 Program, which will be compiled towards the end of 2019. The final decision will depend, inter alia, on the quality of preparation and the likelihood that the project delivery will be successful.

Last updated 11 September 2019

Project/Event/Activity Group/s Contact Comment
1 Murtagh’s ‘Paint the Town’ Landscape & Environment Alan Tobin In March
Playground official opening family day
Alan Tobin
3 Tidy towns challenge Tidy Towns Alan Tobin
4 Pride of Place 2020 for all estates Tidy Towns Alan Tobin
5 Arts/Crafts/Home produce and Horticultural Show Tidy Towns, Community, Commercial, Cultural Alan Tobin In August
6 Broadmeadows River Spring-clean Broadmeadow River group Alan Tobin In April
7 River Day – Work and Play Broadmeadow River Group Alan Tobin In August
8 Deerpark 2020 Garden Tidy Towns/MCC/Mens Shed and more… Alan Tobin
9 Doggie Day Tidy Towns Alan Tobin In April
10 Remediation of Ned’s Cottage Tidy Towns and AHS Alan Tobin