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ASH2020 – turning Ideas into Events

It seems likely that we will receive considerably more ideas than can possibly be included in the final ASH2020 program. Constraints might include practicality, cost, but more likely lack of a ‘Champion’ to shepherd each Idea through the assessment and delivery stages to final emergence as an ASH2020 Event. In any case, it’s only possible to pack so many events into a single year. So we’ll probably start out with in excess of 100 ideas, find Champions for maybe 60 of these, and include 40-50 in the final ASH2020 program. Some of the residual ideas can provide project material for future years.

So, the list below includes all the ideas that have been submitted so far. The Stream-teams list on the adjacent column is intended to show those ideas that have secured, or are close to securing a Champion. When projects are nearing the completion stage, and a firm date is agreed for their delivery, they will be placed in the Calendar and will be listed in the Events list.

Ideas List:

Below is the complete list of ideas already submitted (as at June 1, 2019). The list is grouped by Stream-Team. Use this list to check if an Idea that just occurred to you is already on the list.

If indeed you have a new Idea, or if you want to add a comment to an existing idea, use the ‘Add comment or Idea’ section at the bottom of this page to submit these.

This list is primarily intended to be used as a checklist to test whether your Idea is already on the list!!


Stream Community Group Project – Event – Activity (Provisional List)

2 thoughts on “Idea Bank

  • 12th September 2019 at 15:19

    I think a firework display to either mark the start of 2020 or end it would be a brilliant idea to try attract locals or anyone that wants to attend and also hold yearly food markets to celebrate the creation of the town and bring more people into the village

    • 20th September 2019 at 21:23

      Hello Dylan,
      good idea!
      From my point of view, it is covered within numbers #69 – #71 in the list above.

      Best regards,


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