About ASH2020

On March 4, 1820, a lease was registered by Frederick Bourne for 96 acres of land at Killegland. He built a small village on this land, a staging post for his mail-coach business, and called it Asbourne. In 2020 we will mark the Bicentenary of this event.

Now a Town of 15,000 citizens, Ashbourne plans to mark the occasion in a manner that will impress itself on the collective memory of its Citizens for generations to come. The plans being considered at this juncture include:

  • Festivities – Parades, Living History events, Music, Theatre, and other cultural events,
  • Projects – new Parks, The Big History Trail, Book – The Story of Ashbourne, Children’s Science Museum,
  • Activities – Sports, Exhibitions, SMARTTOWN.

The success of ASH2020 will be built first and foremost on the enthusiasm and ingenuity of its Citizens. This has never failed us in the past, as is evidenced by the numerous facilities and adornments visible throughout the Town:

Thumbnail photos of GAA, Arkle statue, Heritage Trail, Baseball Stadium, Parochial Hall, Community Centre, others?

Another factor that will contribute to the success of the ambitious plans for ASH2020 is the support received from Meath County Council and other Local and National funding authoritie

Logos of MCC, Meath Partnership, Baseball benefactors, Heritage Council

We will also be seeking financial support from Businesses in Ashbourne, the wider Meath area, Fingal, and elsewhere. We expect that in many cases such generosity will trigger a reciprocal and often direct commercial return

This Prospectus document is presented to inform potential Benefactors/ Investors/ Subscribers of the scope and scale of ASH2020, and to provide them with information to enable them to choose how they might participate in the ambitious enterprise that is ASH2020