Calling all musicians and singers!

As a lasting legacy of our Ash2020 celebrations, we are inviting all singers and musicians in Ashbourne and surrounding areas to take part in a very special recording project. Click here to learn about and listen to our Anthem for Ashbourne, which was specially recorded for Ash 2020 back in 2019. Here you will also find the lyrics.

Now it’s your turn! If you would like to feature in a new recording/video of the Anthem, dust off your vocal chords or take up your instrument and start practicing! Read on to discover how you can record yourself singing or playing along with a specially prepared track and submit it to us by Wednesday 2 December.



1. You will need two devices: a phone to record your video on, and a device to play the Anthem as you’re singing or playing along to it.
2. You’ll need to use headphones to listen to the track while you perform.
3. It’s good to have a lamp or light source shining directly onto your face, rather than to the side or behind you.
4. Position your sheet music/lyrics, if you need them, so you’re looking at the camera while performing.
5. Have a good run through of your part.

OK, so now you’re ready to record!

INSTRUMENTALISTS: play along with the whole track.
YOUNG SINGERS: sing along with the whole track.
ADULT SINGERS AND CHOIR: sing chorus only from the start.


1. Set yourself up against a plain background if possible.
2. Put the phone you’re recording on landscape (on its side), so you end up with this shape of video.
3. Prepare the video screen so you can see your head and just halfway down your torso, and that you’re centred in the shot.
4. Press record, press play on your device, and off you go. Don’t forget to breathe!
5. Do a few practice takes if you like! Listening back and watching yourself can be a huge learning exercise: be kind to yourself, give yourself credit for what is great, and use it as an opportunity to improve where you can!

And, most important, ENJOY!

View a short instructional video here

IMPORTANT NOTE: When saving your recording, please include your own name in the file name, e.g. ‘John Doe recording’ or ‘Ashbourne Anthem from Mary Moore’. If you don’t do this we may have difficulty linking your file to your submission.
What is the deadline?

We can accept your recordings up to and including Wednesday 2nd December.

(Please note extended deadline)
How do I submit my recording?

First step: Save your recording to your favorite Cloud Drive, e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. For information on how to use Google Drive, this link may help.

Second step: Then send us an email structured as follows:

Address email to:;

Subject name/Title: Ashbourne Anthem recording project submission from [your name]

Email content

  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • Your email address
  • The file name you used when saving your recording
  • The URL address at which you saved your recording
  • Any further information that you wish to add
  • The following IP/ GDPR statements
    • IP Statement: I agree that by submitting this recording, I hereby authorise Ash2020 and/or Ashbourne Singing to use the contents of my recording as they see fit.
    • GDPR Statement: I am agreeing to accept communications in electronic or other form from Ash2020 Board and sub-commitees in connection with the business of Ash2020.
  • End of Email

Third step: We will then pick up your recording from your supplied URL address, and acknowledge that we have successfully done so.

When will the recording be released?

We’re aiming for mid-December

…and if you have any queries not answered here, please email your questions to and we will address them.