ASH2020 Objectives, Structures, and all that

ASH2020 Objectives, Structures, and all that


The main objectives of ASH2020 are:

  1. To promote, plan, coordinate, facilitate and advance a program of events, projects and activities to celebrate and commemorate the bicentenary of the founding of Ashbourne in 1820
  2. By so doing, to mobilise the residents, community groups and businesses of Ashbourne to make the 2020 bicentenary a year marked in memory for generations to come.
  3. To assist with the development of Ashbourne for the benefit of the community and businesses of Ashbourne

Subsidiary objectives of ASH2020 

Objects incidental and ancillary to the attainment of its main objectives: 

  1. Inclusivity:ASH2020 will promote inclusivity as well as cultural diversity. It will through its activities endeavour to be intra cultural enabling cultural interchange and understanding. It will aim to ensure that all residents and visitors to Ashbourne receive positive encouragement to contribute to the cultural capital of the community.
  2. Passing the Baton: ASH2020 shall endeavour through its work towards the celebration and commemoration of the bicentenary over the next three years to develop and foster a new generation of community activists in Ashbourne.
  3. Next Generations:ASH2020 will seek to place special emphasis on projects, events and activities that develop children’s and young people’s capabilities as individuals and as active citizens of Ashbourne.

Structures and Operating Methodology:

The ASH2020 Committee will act as the central, coordinating node of a network of autonomous entities (ref Figure 1 below) active in the community and business affairs of Ashbourne. It will endeavour to coordinate and assist community groups, residents and businesses in the celebration and commemoration of the bicentenary of the town.

The Network / Operating Environment of ASH2020

It is not the intention of the ASH2020 Board to impinge upon the independence of any of the community institutions or groups that contribute so much to the experience of living in Ashbourne.

The ASH2020 Board intends through its coordination role to create a ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’ phenomenon, so as to make the bicentenary an experience that is recounted for generations to come.

In order to do so the ASH2020 Board may as necessary organise events and initiatives to promote, advance, celebrate or commemorate particular aspects of the bicentenary.